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  Have your say about sustainability.
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Have your say about sustainability

by Dean Robertson

In the last WMSA column, Gil Hopkins outlined some of the things that we are trying to achieve in the Wimmera Southern Mallee region. WMSA aspires to a more sustainable region, reduced carbon emissions and improved liveability for all. It is timely to seek feedback and comment to ensure our aims are accepted and supported by the community. WMSA is now asking for your ideas about practical activities and projects. Here are a few suggestions to start the conversation.

Climate change and the carbon tax have had a lot of media attention in recent months. The carbon tax is now a reality and life goes on. The carbon tax will add expense to many products but there are ways to minimise the impact on your household or business budget. Would you like to hear more? Would more information be useful?

Solar electricity and solar hot water are being promoted widely. In many cases this promotion is high on hype and low on facts. There are significant benefits to installing solar power on your house or business. Choosing a solar system can be difficult so good, independent advice is essential. Would a bulk buy scheme encourage you to install solar power? Would you prefer one large regional solar power facility or many small household systems?

Managing waste and recycling services is a huge cost to household through local government rates. This cost can be reduced by better practices at home. The Regional Waste Management Groups already promote reducing waste, increasing recycling and composting organic matter. How do you organise your rubbish? Would you like to learn more about recycling and composting?

WMSA is interested in many subjects including food security, telecommunications, agriculture, water use, environmental issues, education and community resilience. You can find out more about our strategies and activities at www.wmsa.org.au. What sustainability topics are you interested in? Would you be interested in another sustainability expo? Send your comments and ideas to wmsa@netspace.net.au.

Please Contact WMSA for more information.

Sustainability Tips
  In the Home consider low water use plants for the garden.

At work open window shades for light rather than running electric globes all day.

When driving don't drive. Consider walking or riding to the shops or work.
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